Five Miles from Home series 2021

Omdat door Covid in 2020 geen Castle to Crane in Schotland mogelijk was is er een alternatief bedacht dat je zonder te reizen op eigen water toch in competitie tegen elkaar kan roeien.

Over de gehele wereld hebben in het weekend van 18/20 september teams 5 mijl op eigen water geroeid. Dit bleek een groot succes. Roeiers uit Australië, Engeland, Nederland en Schotland hebben hun resultaten online ingevoerd.

Het Five Miles from Home weekend was zo’n succes dat er een normaal evenement van gemaakt is.

De nieuwe serie van 3 evenementen in 2021 ziet er als volgt uit:

  • 7 – 9 mei 2021: Castle to Crane in Schotland
  • 4 – 6 juni 2021: Ocean to City in Ierland
  • 9 – 11 juli 2021: Welsh Sea Rowing in Wales.

In plaats van te reizen, nodigen we jullie uit, waar ook ter wereld, om deel te nemen aan deze internationale uitdaging door op eigen water 5 mijl (8047 meter) te roeien.

Geef daarna je tijden door en doe mee met de online competitie.

Dit jaar is er ook een speciale categorie voor jongeren onder de 19 jaar.

Deelnemers mogen deelnemen aan de hele reeks of een enkele wedstrijd. Alles kan en mag.

Elke race heeft een venster van 48 uur waarin de race voltooid moet worden.

Dezelfde Skiff mag dus door meerdere teams gebruikt worden, deelnemers mogen in meerdere teams deelnemen.

Op deze manier kunnen de races binnen een deelnemende club ook onderling een eigen competitie vormen. Daarnaast ben je deel van de grote internationale roei gemeenschap.

1 maart 2021 opent de inschrijving.

Deelname kost € 10 per Team per race, of € 20 per Team voor alle drie de races.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is “Five Miles from Home” a series, rather than just a single race? Yes! There are three races in the series. Each race has its own organiser, Scottish Coastal Rowing (for Castle to Crane) , Ocean to City and Welsh Sea Rowing. You are welcome to enter just one race (each race will publish its own results) but we really hope you will take part in all three. The three races share the same set of racing rules.

Is my boat suitable to take part in the challenge? It is your responsibility to make sure that your boat is safe and suitable for the waters in which you undertake the challenge. The main challenge is only for fixed seat (and standing up) rowing boats. There is however the “Alternative Challenge” which caters for other types of human powered craft including SUPs and Kayaks.

How can we race with other crews when we cannot see them? This is a five mile time trial. You are responsible for timing your own efforts in such a way that you can provide evidence of your time, the distance covered and the route. The organisers will publish all the results after the each race window has closed, including a handicapped version for the Main Challenge, so that relative efforts can be compared between boat classes. You can enjoy seeing other crews from around the world as they take part on the social media feeds.

Why is there an entry fee? We have decided to levy a small entry fee (Ten Euros per boat per race) to cover some costs, and to help a sport where there has been a loss of income from events in the last year. It represents outstanding value for money.

Why is the entry fee in Euros? This is very much an international series, and many entrants will be paying in a currency that is not their own. Your bank will convert automatically. The entry system that we have chosen is set up from Ireland.

When do I start the time trial? You must start and finish the challenge within the time window for each race (between 1200 GMT on a Friday and 1200 GMT on a Sunday). Read the Rules of Racing for more information.

Can the Same Boat be used by more than one crew? Yes (subject to any protocols for Covid-19)

Can a rower take part more than once? Yes, provided each effort takes place within the time window, and subject to any protocols for Covid-19. Note though that only one entry can be made for each e-mail address, so if you are rowing in 2 crews, someone will have to make the entry for one of the crews.

If weather and sea conditions on the day at our Home Waters are awful, are we allowed to re-arrange the challenge on an inland loch/ canal? Yes, provided the row takes place during the “window” it may take place on any water body provided that the full distance is covered and start and finish is at (or very close to) the same point. Alternatively, undertake the “alternative challenge” on land, as set out in the rules of racing.

Can we have a break between completing the outward and starting the inward leg of the 8045metres? The time submitted for results must be the full elapsed time from the start to the finish.

Can one crew do more than one attempt at the challenge? Crews may carry out as many attempts as they wish within the window but may submit only one result per entry.

Can we change the crew members after the entry has been made? Yes. Try to keep to the same age and gender category that entered, but if that is not possible make sure the results form submitted reflects the crew that actually completed the challenge.

Are we required to carry an anchor? All craft must carry the equipment required for their local waters. For the avoidance of doubt St Ayles Skiffs racing in Scotland must carry an anchor.

Must we wear lifejackets? All crews taking part in the challenge must follow any local rules that mandate wearing of lifejackets. For the avoidance of doubt crews racing in Scotland and Ireland must wear suitable personal floatation devices (eg lifejackets). Rules for other other jurisdictions will vary.

Are there any examples of the type of timing/recording device/program timing app? There are a number of proprietary apps which include Strava and other cycling and sea navigation apps which have the ability to track, record, store and transmit the completed challenge data – it may be prudent to test trial the app that you are going to use in advance. We have put together some guidance to help you to record your efforts and to send the evidence to the race organiser.

The prevailing conditions are borderline/unsafe – do we have any other alternative options? Yes. Do the land based Alternative Challenge. You are responsible for your own safety and that of your crew mates.

Our Home Waters are out with the European geographic area – can we still take part in the challenge? You are welcome to take part so long as the challenge is undertaken in compliance with the rules and as long as participation is in line with all local regulations and subject to local Covid-19 protocols.

Is there any bling? There will be some awards for the series, as well as awards for each race. Being part of this is more important than the winning. All participants will receive a soft-copy certificate of participation which can be printed. You can purchase some merchandise too.