Dutch Open Challenge Cup St Ayles Skiff rowing 2023

The Dutch St Ayles Skiff Rowing Association (DARA) has adapted its Dutch Championships due to the growth of its members and made it open to all St Ayles skiff teams in the world.

Through experience, gained in recent years, we are now able to create beautiful professional events for 2023.

On Saturdays there are short distance races that count for the Dutch Open Challenge Cup .

For 2023, these are:

  • April 15th: Kortgene Regatta
  • May 13th: Nijkerk, “Slag om Hulckesteijn”
  • June 3rd: Heeg Regatta
  • September 23rd: Haarlem, “Hel van de Nel”

There will be a competition in 6 or 7 categories Men Open/Women Open/Mix Open/Men 50+/Women 50+/Mix 50+ (and Men 280+ if sufficient participants)

Number one receives 5 points. Number two and three respectively 3 and 1 point.

After 4 events, the winner (per category) will receive a change cup. This must be returned the following year.

Detailed information per event will soon be available.


  • Entry fee per event: 10 Euro per rower/cox (f.o.c. for International teams).
  • A rower can row in different categories
  • Races are between 1000 and 2000 metres with a turning buoy.
  • It is not necessary to have the same rowers in every event.